Join the PRITC and be part of the organization that brings together the most important local and multinational companies in the IT sector of the Island.
Puerto Rico offers
offers 25% - 38% lower wages of any region under the U.S jurisdiction as per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics
Strong pipeline of talent
Over 10,000 Engineers, Scientists and IT Professionals graduate every year

Welcome to the Puerto Rico Information Technology Cluster

The Puerto Rico Information Technology Cluster (PRITC) is an alliance of industry, government and academia committed to positioning Puerto Rico as a national and global leader in information technology services and innovation.

This is a diverse organization composed of software and solution developers, consultants, policymakers, infrastructure companies and academic institutions.

Since the beginning of 2020, the PRITC received the classification of a public charity organization under the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) and became exempt from federal income tax under Section 501 (c) (3). This certification allows donors to deduct their contributions under the IRC Section 170.

The PRITC helps the Puerto Rico IT ecosystem achieve its full potential through collaboration and by demanding a healthy commercial, political, professional, and legal environment. Our clear mission is to position the IT industry as the most important economic pillar in Puerto Rico.

Because Puerto Rico is a United States of America jurisdiction, all of our services are offered by U.S. Citizens under U.S. legal framework and intellectual property protection. Also, local service providers in the Island can benefit from the tax incentives provided by Act No. 20 of 2012, known as the “Export Services Act” (the “Act”).

Act 20 provides tax exemptions and tax credits to businesses engaged in eligible activities in Puerto Rico. To avail from such benefits, a business needs to become an exempt business by applying for a tax concession and obtaining a tax exemption decree. The Act provides benefits for services provided from Puerto Rico to outside markets. To know more about Act No. 20 click here .

All this has spawned a vibrant and dynamic group of companies providing innovative solutions and services.

Act No. 20 Info: (info provided by RSM Puerto Rico – audit, tax and consulting firm)


The export of services is an economic activity that has been identified as essential for the economic development and growth of Puerto Rico. Therefore, the Government of Puerto Rico has adopted as public policy to foster a service industry geared toward the export of all types of services. In order to do so, Act 20 is focused on encouraging local service providers, through the concession of tax exemptions, to expand their businesses by offering their services to clients outside of Puerto Rico.



To become exempt, the entity must be considered as an eligible business, which is described as an entity that provides export or promoter services from Puerto Rico, solely to customers outside Puerto Rico.


Eligible services include the following services, which are, in turn, considered services for export: (1) research and development, (2) professional services (such as legal, tax and accounting), (3) shared service centers, (4) advertising and public relations, (5) centralized management services, (6) storage and distribution centers, (7) consulting, (8) centers for electronic data processing, (9) educational and training services, (10) advice on matters relating to any trade of business, (11) development of computer programs, (12) hospitals and laboratory services, (13) commercial arts and graphic services, (14) telecommunication voice and data between persons located outside of Puerto Rico, (15) commercial distribution outside of Puerto Rico of products manufactured in Puerto Rico, (16) production of construction drawings, architectural and engineering services and project management, (17) call centers, (18) investment banking and other financial services, (19) trading companies, and (20) medical and laboratory Services (including medical tourism services and telemedicine facilities) or any other service that the Secretary of the Treasury determines must be treated as an eligible service upon deeming it to be in the best interest of Puerto Rico.


An eligible service shall be deemed a service for export when such service is rendered for the benefit of:


Entities that wish to request the benefits of Act 20 need to apply and obtain a tax exemption decree under the Act, which is granted by the Secretary of the Department of Economic Development and Commerce. The request has a one-time filing fee of $750, and the decree will have a term of 20 years with a possible 10-year extension, regardless of changes in the law itself.

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